When you browse the application, Beventup automatically collects a certain amount of information through the use of cookies. This Cookies Policy provides you with a series of information to inform you about how Beventup collects this data and the use made of it.


Please also note that all terms contained in this document must be understood in their epicene sense.




1.1.         Presentation

Nicolas de Hollain, representative of Beventup (hereinafter “the Service Provider”), establishes this Cookies Policy, the purpose of which is to transparently inform the user of the application (hereinafter “the User”) hosted in France (hereinafter “the Application”) of the use of cookies to distinguish it from other users in order to provide it with a better browsing experience as well as optimization of it and its content.


The Service Provider’s cookies are placed by the Application in the memory of the User’s device, in order to meet the needs for optimization and personalization of services on the Platform.


The purposes and terms of cookies are contained in this Policy.


1.2. Definition of “Cookie”

A “cookie” (also used in the plural) is a file placed temporarily or permanently in the memory of the User’s device when consulting the Application. Thanks to cookies, the server recognizes the User’s device. Cookies may retain usage parameters and other data such as surname, first name, email and postal addresses, choice of language, IP address, connection data , etc.


To obtain further information on cookies, the User is invited to visit the website: Data Protection Authority .


1.3. General information about cookies

Some of the cookies used by Beventup are necessary for the proper functioning of the Application, others help improve the User experience.


The User can personalize or deactivate cookies by configuring their browser.



            2.1. Cookies from different sources


The Service Provider’s cookies come from different sources. These cookies are placed by the Application on the User’s terminal to meet the needs of navigation, optimization and personalization of services on the Application.



            2.2. The lifespan of cookies


Cookies have a lifespan depending on the type of cookies used.


Session cookies are temporary cookies whose lifespan is limited to one browsing session. They aim to simplify the User’s interactions on the Application for the duration of their browsing session and are deleted when the User disconnects from the Application.


Permanent cookies are cookies that remain on the User’s mobile device or tablet, even after disconnecting from the Application. They remain on their device for a specific period of time or until the User decides to delete them. These cookies make it possible, in particular, to recognize and retain browsing parameters from one session to another.


            2.3. The Service Provider uses several types of cookies


Different types of cookies are used by the Service Provider on the Application:

      strictly necessary cookies : they are necessary for the operation of the Application, allow the communication of the data entered and are intended to facilitate the User’s navigation;


      functional cookies : they facilitate the use of the Application by retaining certain choices made (user name, language, etc.). The data that these cookies collect can be made anonymous and do not make it possible to track Users’ browsing activity on other platforms.


      statistical and audience measurement cookies : they allow recognition of the User and are used to count the number of Users of the Application over a specific period. Since they also indicate browsing behavior, they are an effective way to improve the User’s browsing, by displaying proposals and offers likely to interest them. They also allow the Service Provider to identify possible malfunctions in the Application and correct them.




Cookies are kept for the time necessary to achieve the intended purpose, with a maximum of thirteen months, except for strictly necessary cookies.





The User’s consent is not required for the Application’s implementation of strictly necessary cookies, without which the requested service could not be provided.





The Service Provider reserves the right to modify this Cookies Policy, in particular in order to comply with legal obligations in this matter. Any such modification will be displayed on the Platform and sent by email for enforceability purposes. The User’s consent to the use of cookies will then be asked again., i